PLDT HOME equips NAIA Garden Residences (Bayport West) with fiber technology

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naia officersOne of the country’s top residential communication and multimedia services provider PLDT HOME recently signed a strategic partnership with Mega Pacific Holdings, developer of the NAIA Garden Residences – Bayport West  in Pasay City. The partnership allows PLDT HOME to install its fiber optic technology in the development, giving residents the strongest connections with speeds of up to 100 Mbps.


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PAGCOR Gaming Hub Final

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Good news to NAIA Residences investors! Our investment has a very good potential to appreciate in the market.

It was reported last December 12, 2012  that the Okada’s Universal Entertainment and Robinsons Land Corp. separately announced the signing of a basic agreement that would allow the latter to acquire a minority stake in its wholly owned Tiger Resorts, Leisure and Entertainment Inc. At the same time, RLC will acquire a majority stake in Eagle I Land Holdings Inc., the landowner of the project site.

RLC will be responsible for developing the commercial facilities, a budget hotel and residential facilities in the project. The final agreement shall be concluded by Jan. 31, 2013, according to the statement.

With other big projects pursued by Bloomberry and the Melco group in partnership with Belle Corp., Garcia said the Philippines would soon “be a fierce player” in the regional tourism gaming space.

The next gaming hub in Asia is soon to roll. Over the last few years, Singapore and Macau have emerged as formidable gaming hubs in the region.

The announcement did not say how much stake RLC will get in the gaming operations.

Universal Entertainment said the casino resort being developed by the Group would be called “Manila Bay Resorts.” Apart from a world-class casino, it said the major casino resort complex would feature luxurious hotels, upscale restaurants, commercial facilities, a budget hotel, residences, Vegas-style water fountains and an enormous indoor pool with real sand beach covered by a huge glass dome.


NAIA Garden Residences repatriation program for foreign and Filipino retirees

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following the guidelines set herein as part of the repatriation program for foreign and Filipino retirees

The NAIA GARDEN RESIDENCES is a joint venture project between the PYRAMID CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING CORPORATION (PCEC) of the Philippines as Developer.

The PHILIPPINE RETIREMENT AUTHORITY (PRA), an agency under the supervision of the Department of Tourism has accredited PYRAMID CONSTRUCTION AND ENGINEERING CORPORATION (PCEC) of the Philippines as Developer to realize this repatriation program of the government. The PRA is the government- owned and operated with the function of promoting the Philippines as a viable retirement haven with a network of real estate, healthcare and lifestyle and economic enterprise to especially designed to serve the foreign retiree community and boost the repatriation program for foreign and Filipino retirees

The visions behind this Project is to build an affordable residential community for foreign retirees and repatriating /retiring Filipino overseas workers looking for an investment property with rich potentials to appreciate in value while it serves their personal use.

The accreditation by the PRA of the NAIA Garden Residences is an added feature of the project and makes a distinction among other investment of the same nature.

With this accreditation, the Project aims to attract retirees from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, the United States, Canada and parts of Europe, as well as former Filipino citizens or balikbayans with dual citizenship or OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) that have become citizens of another country.

The main attraction of the retirement program of the PRA is the Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV), a special non-immigrant resident visa that provides its holder with multiple-entry and indefinite stay status in the Philippines by putting up an investment of US$20,000 to $50,000 in their name, with interest accrued in their favor. After the holding limit of one month, they can stay in this country already and can convert that deposit into an active investment.

In this program, a resident retiree can, without additional deposit, bring a spouse and an unmarried child below 21 years old or if the spouse is not joining, two (2) children (provided that they are unmarried and under 21 years of age). Additional children with the same qualifications may also be allowed to join the principal retiree provided there is an additional deposit.

repatriation program for foreign and Filipino retirees

The SRRV also grants tax-free incentives and privileges, as well as value-added services and benefits that foreign retirees can avail of from establishments such as hotels, resorts, retirement facilities, and restaurants. Children of registered retirees are exempt from student visas.

“Another advantage the Philippines has over other countries in the retirement business is the worldwide reputation for its highly efficient and professional doctors, nurses and caregivers.”
As a general rule, anyone regardless of nationality may invest in the Philippines. However, foreign nationals enrolled in the Retirement Program are, under the Authority’s existing Implementing Investment Guidelines, permitted after holding period of 30 days from the issuance of the SRR Visa, to convert their time deposit/s into active investment/s in any or a combination of the following Alternative Investment areas:

A retiree who has converted his dollar deposit into an active investment may opt to substitute the same with another form of investment that is allowed under the PRA program. In case of substitution, the value of the substituted one must at least be equal to or higher than the amount of the retiree’s requisite deposit after conversion.This repatriation program for foreign and Filipino retirees gives NAIA Garden Residences an edge as the most viable real estate investment.

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Suburbanization in the City of Pasay and Paranaque

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NAIA Garden Residences, a parcel of suburbanization in the city of Pasay and Paranaque.

Suburbanization in the extended metropolitan area of Manila has produced new middle-class consumer landscapes of exclusive suburbs — alongside tower blocks, offices, residential estates, shopping malls, and golf courses — linked by freeways and flyovers. In the heart of Pasay and Paranaque is where the center of development in Metro Manila. sprouted condominium projects from major developers like SMDC, DMCI, Ayala land, Anchor Land, etc are there with completion as early as 2013. The Philippines economic growth, the emergence of a new and mobile middle class, and the lack of public planning have been emphasized in the recent regulations due to the past anomalous transactions of some real estate developers. Each developers showcase a unique resort type suburban projects to attract even middle income earner. These enclosed homogeneous suburbs designed and marketed as fragments of European a global era, enhance security, exclusivity, and isolation. Under the government regulation, suburban village associations regulate community life through private legal regimes and strengthen class divisions. Malls and freeways are further features.

Explore the production of the nightlife industry within a new urban entertainment economy in Manila Bay. Get your place at NAIA Garden Residences. Your home, your business.


Forms and Documentation

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NAIA Garden Residences specifically offers the project for retiree investors. To take advantage of the benefits for retirees, below are the guidelines. The marketing team will assist you during:

  1. Pre-processing & Evaluation of the application for the conversion of the dollar time deposit into an investment;
  2. Annotation of the PRA restriction on the title representing the investment with the Register of Deeds;
  3. Processing and Approval of the investment application within five (5) working days.

Provided below are the checklist provided by the Philippine Retirement Authority if you wish to apply as a retiree investor for condominium units.

  1. ____ Letter of Intent to convert investment.
  2. ____ Original of official receipt for the down payment and/or reservation deposit for the unit to be purchased;
  3. ____ License to Sell condominium units issued by the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB);
  4. ____ Certification (duly notarized) from the owner-developer of the condominium project on the following;
However, following the general law of corporation and under the Constitution, still the said benefit should not go beyond the 40% limitation for foreign investors. Please contact your agent if the said requirement has been reached for foreign investors.

As per mandate, the additional documents are required:

5. ____Certified true copy (by the Registry of Deeds) of the Condominium Certificate of Title of the unit and parking space, if available;

6. ____ Contract to Sell/Deed of Absolute Sale which must contain the following provision/annotation:

“The herein vendee of the above prescribed property is a participant in the Retirement Program of the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), a government corporation created under EO 1037, dated July 4, 1985 with office address at the 29th Floor, Citibank Tower, 8741 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, Philippines, and as such the Condominium Certificate of Title to be issued in his name shall bear the following annotation.”

7. ____Master Deed with Declaration of Restrictions (certified true copy);

8.   ____ Certified true copies (by the SEC) of the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and SEC Certificate of Registration of the condominium developer or the condominium corporation (if existing).

9. ____ Undertaking from the developer/seller (notarized) to deliver /transfer the Condominium Certificate of Title with PRA restriction after ninety (90) days from date of full payment, failure to transfer the CCT to the retiree, the seller/developer will have to return all payments made by the retiree.

10. ____ Latest Annual Tax Return of the Developer (1702)

11.  ____ Condominium Certificate of Title, which must contain the following annotation:

“ The sale, transfer, or encumbrance of this property is subject to the approval of the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA), the owner named herein being a holder of a Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV), and is therefore, subject to the provision of Executive Order No. 1037 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.”

12 ____ Tax Declaration and real estate tax receipts.

The following documents are required from a prospective retiree, to enroll in the Philippine Retirement Authority Retiree Program to be granted a Special Resident Retiree Visa ( for more inquiries, check the website of PRA –

  • Accomplish PRA application form.
  • Original passport with valid entry status;
  • Medical Examination Clearance – can be secured abroad (with English translation) duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consular Office. If the applicant is in the Philippines, this can also be secured at the PRA One-Stop Shop.
  • Bank Certificate of Dollar Time Deposit inwardly remitted to any PRA accredited banks.
  • Police Clearance issued abroad translated into English and duly authenticated by the Philippine/Consulate or National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance issued in the Philippines. This also applies to spouse and dependents 18 years of age and above (Age requirement of 18 is for purpose of NBI Clearance only.
  • Photographs 6 pieces 1”x1” and 6 pieces 2”x2”;
  • If the spouse is also applying for SRRV, Marriage Certificate or Marriage Contract translated into English (if necessary) and duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate nearest the applicants residence if the marriage was contra ted abroad. If the marriage was solemnized in the Philippines, original Marriage Certificate; and
  • If dependent/s is/are also applying for the SRRV, original Birth Certificate/s of dependents/s born in the Philippines or Birth Certificate/s or Household Register translated into English (if necessary) and duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate nearest the applicants residence abroad.

Worry no more! these documents will be provided by the developer. Please contact your agent for more information.

Initial Forms to be accomplished:

Please complete the form, scan and submit to

NAIA Garden Client’s Information Sheet

NAIA Garden Residences Reservation Form

NAIA Garden Payment Sheet


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NAIA Garden turn-over date and things to do before move in

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The construction of the NAIA Garden Residences shall be completed, and the condominium units shall be delivered, not later than December of 2013

as per mandated by the license to sell issued by the HLURB with a grace period of eight (8) months, barring delays due to fire, earthquakes, acts of God, war, civil disturbances, strikes or other labor disturbances, government and economic controls making it, among others, impossible or difficult to obtain the necessary materials, permits and licenses, acts of third persons, including any legal or judicial actions initiated by third persons or any other cause or conditions beyond the control of NAIA Garden Residences. In the event of the latter, the completion and delivery of Subject Property shall be deemed extended accordingly without liability on the part of NAIA Garden Residences. The foregoing notwithstanding, NAIA Garden reserves the right to withdraw from this transaction and refund to BUYER without interest the amounts received from BUYER under this Contract if for any reason not attributable to NAIA Garden, such as but not limited to fire, storms, floods, earthquakes, rebellion, insurrection, wars, coup de ‘etat, civil disturbances or for other reasons beyond its control, the Project may not be completed or it can only be completed at a financial loss to NAIA Garden Residences. In any event, all construction structures on the Project shall remain the property of NAIA Garden Residences.

Upon completion of the UNIT, as evidence by the issuance of certificate of occupancy, the NAIA Garden Residences shall so notify the BUYER in writing. The delivery of such notice shall constitute notice for occupancy/turnover of the UNIT to the BUYER, and henceforth, notwithstanding failure of the BUYER to take actual possession of the UNIT, all risks, loss or damage to the UNIT including, but not limited to, the pro-rata assessments, real estate taxes, thereon, shall be for the account of the BUYER irrespective of the fact that the title to the UNIT may have been withheld by the NAIA Garden Residences pending full payment or compliance by the BUYER of his/her/its obligation herein stipulated. The presence of on-going construction of minors details, rectification/s, and repairs of common area/s, or other unit/s, and the existence of defect/s in the construction of the UNIT, shall not be a ground for the BUYER to refuse acceptance of turnover of the UNIT, to withhold payments, to demand reduction in the PURCHASE PRICE, or to delay loan take out from the bank. The NAIA Garden Residences undertakes to coordinate with its contractor/s and/or supplier/s in the rectification/repair of defect/s of the construction of the UNIT.

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Fast Selling Condo Investment in NAIA near MOA and Entertainment City

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A Truly Las Vegas-Like Entertainment City, neighbor of Mall of Asia.

Nationally significant historic places were highlighted in each country: overwhelming sceneries, impressive views, and the stunning array of landscapes mark on different places around the world. As the days go by, as tourist destinations in the Philippines became timeless to discover. The influx of tourists arrived, enjoyed and craved for the treasures where else you can’t find. Philippines have its depth blue waters, amazing caves and mountains, captivating and attractive sights of terrains, and endearing vision of the seas.

A historic turning point places at the top of the sea- the Manila Bay. The biggest project of Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), spearheaded by Chairman Cristino Naguiat Jr. is to establish an Asia’s Las Vegas-like gaming and entertainment complex, the Entertainment City officially named as the “Bagong Nayong Pilipino”. It is 110 hectares are lying at the major cities- Manila, Pasay and Paranaque. The Entertainment City is divided into 7 zones namely: Cultural, Financial, Commercial, ASEANA City, PAGCOR Entertainment City, Centennial City and Asia World. The project is said to initiate an increase ofinvestments from private companies, to be the Asia’s newest tourism and investment capital.


View from NAIA Terminal 3

The Entertainment City is very accessible nearby Metro Manila. It passes along Roxas Boulevard, EDSA, Cavite Coastal Road and Macapagal Boulevard. The availability of Bus Terminals is within the city. Metro Rail is 15 minutes away and goes all along 20 minutes in various points in Manila while 10 minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Future infrastructures projects are LRT Extension Phase 2 all go away to Bacoor, Cavite and NAIA Skyway Phase 2 connecting the Entertainment City to all international airports.

Get captivated to the luxurious hotels and resorts around the Entertainment City. Solaire Casino and Resorts is the first casino complex operated in Entertainment City opened on March 16, 2013. Solaire is a $1.2 billion project managed by executives from five star hotels in Singapore, Macau and Las Vegas. The resort expensive casino area is designed to provide a true Las Vegas gaming experience. Next is the City of Dreams, it is a promising 6.2 hectares world class resort and casino complex. It is a $1.3 billion venture and had a soft opening on December 14, 2014 and its grand opening on January 2, 2015. And Manila Bay Resorts under the Universal Entertainment Corporation with a $2 billion estimated forecast and comprising its 45 hectares land. Manila Bayshore is the biggest integrated resort casino property in the country committed by Casino Mogul Kazuo Okada. Other prestigious hotels undertaking on the next years are: the Resorts World Bayshore, a joint proposal of Philippine Based Alliance Global Group and Genting Hongkong; and the Westside City located next to Bayshore.

The Entertainment City had also its biggest gathering center, shopping malls, business process outsourcing buildings and had its outdoor restaurants wherein San Miguel by the Bay caters a lot of dining options. Mall of Asia is said to be the biggest shopping mall in Asia, the largest business conference and intensifying events assembled at Mall of Asia Arena and SMX Convention Center. Entertainment City meant to be constructed a huge landmark, the PAGCOR Tower measures 2,182 tall. Aside from hotels, casinos, restaurants, commercial and BPO buildings, Entertainment City booms opportunities to generate real estate properties too.

As the Asia’s Newest Investment and Tourism Capital, PAGCOR’s Entertainment City will generate 6000 hotel rooms; and 3.3 million sq ft. casino gaming areas. PAGCOR oversees and expects a million of job when completed.


What is the mandate of the HLURB for NAIA Garden Residences

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  1. Complete the project in accordance with the approved development plan and therefore not later than December 2016, and advise buyers in writing of such time frame for development.
  2. Maintain the facilities until their turnover is authorized pursuant to PD 1216.HLURB Licence to Sell
  3. Register the instrument relative to any sale with the Register of Deeds whether or not the price is fully paid within 180 days from execution.
  4. Deliver the title free from the liens and encumbrance to fully paid buyers or if mortgaged redeem and deliver the same within six months from all payment.
  5. Pay the real estate tax assessment on the lot/unit  until the year the tile is transferred to on actual possession/occupation is taken by the buyer.
  6. Refrain from forfeiting payments made by the buyer who suspend amortization after due notice to owner or developer on ground of incomplete development of non-development.
  7. Submit report showing the extent of the project development and changes in corporate officer within 60 days after each semester .
  8. Initiate the organization of home unit owners.
  9. Refrain from levying any fee for an alleged community benefit upon the buyers, and
  10. Comply with other provisions of the pertinent law, rules and regulations.
To get a copy of the NAIA Garden Residences License to Sell issued by the HLURB, please complete the form below.
[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

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Properties surrounding the airports in Manila – its investment potential

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The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) serves as the main airport of the Philippines situated within the city of Pasay and Paranaque. NAIA is the main gateway of Philippines for tourists who want to explore the beauty and fun in the Philippines. It is the center of the international airlines aside from international airports in major metropolitan cities in the Philippines. The name of the airport was coined after the father of the present president of the Philippines, late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, who was then fought the democracy of the Philippines from the regime of the Marcos Administration.

A record breaking annual passenger was recorded last year, 2011 making it to more than 29 million passengers – making one of the busiest airports in Asia.

This only indicates that Philippine tourism is active. Investors for real estate, tourism, gaming flux in the Philippines because of the business potential and very promising development within Metro Manila especially surrounding the airports.

NAIA Garden Residences within Manila airports

Last March 2012, Senators want to make sure the compliance of the development along Manila Bay since the constructions started in 2007. The “Las Vegas-style” complex, to be built near Manila Bay, is supposed to feature six-star hotels, gaming facilities, malls, museums, cultural centers, sports arenas, residential villages and theme parks.

It is supposed to boost tourist arrivals and generate new jobs in the country and capture at least 10 percent in the global gaming market, which is estimated at $115 billion annually.

Pimentel said four companies have been granted licenses to build, own, and operate integrated resorts within the comlpex, including Travellers International Hotel Group, SM consortium, Tiger Resorts Leisure and Entertainment Inc., and Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels Incorporated.

Please see the video here for the updates of the construction and the development.



[twitter name=”name”]
If you need assistance on how to invest on properties surrounding the area, please fill up this form or call 218-8637 or 0999.994.0522.
[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

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