Suburbanization in the City of Pasay and Paranaque

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NAIA Garden Residences, a parcel of suburbanization in the city of Pasay and Paranaque.

Suburbanization in the extended metropolitan area of Manila has produced new middle-class consumer landscapes of exclusive suburbs — alongside tower blocks, offices, residential estates, shopping malls, and golf courses — linked by freeways and flyovers. In the heart of Pasay and Paranaque is where the center of development in Metro Manila. sprouted condominium projects from major developers like SMDC, DMCI, Ayala land, Anchor Land, etc are there with completion as early as 2013. The Philippines economic growth, the emergence of a new and mobile middle class, and the lack of public planning have been emphasized in the recent regulations due to the past anomalous transactions of some real estate developers. Each developers showcase a unique resort type suburban projects to attract even middle income earner. These enclosed homogeneous suburbs designed and marketed as fragments of European a global era, enhance security, exclusivity, and isolation. Under the government regulation, suburban village associations regulate community life through private legal regimes and strengthen class divisions. Malls and freeways are further features.

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